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Frida Kahlo Self Portrait With Necklace Of Thorns - 884 Words

Frida Kahlo, a captivating artistic legend. She was born in 1907 in Coyoacà ¡n and died in the same town in 1954. Kahlo said her art arose from three experiences: a bus accident that nearly killed her in her adolescence, her inability to bear children, and her tempestuous relationship with Diego Rivera (Grimberg 7). Most of Kahlos works were self-portraits, according to Herrera, she once said, I paint self-portraits because Im so often alone, because I am the person I know best (3). She painted Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird in 1940 when she was separating from Diego Rivera. I like Kahlos painting because she expresses her emotions through her work and she provides many symbols which expands the interpretation of†¦show more content†¦Another reason I like the work is the detail Kahlo puts into it, for example, the different shades of green on the leaves. I also am fond of the work because of its accuracy based on her actual image and how Frida Kahlo has t he capability of panting herself without making her image look better by fixing her flaws. The Hybrid Sources of Frida Kahlo, explains what the author thinks Kahlo is trying to communicate with her self-portrait. The author mentions how Kahlo couldve been inspired by a French artist. Zarobell says, It seems odd for an artist from Mexico, whose territory includes tropical jungles, to be generating jungle imagery modeled on that of a modern Parisian (Zarobell). The author then says that the painting was Kahlos creation of her world, in this case, her jungle. I agree with Zarobell to a certain point, although Kahlo doesnt paint the jungle behind her as realistic as it could be, it does not distract me from the painting. I agree with Zarobell when he mentions that the painting is the artists views or thoughts. Kahlos jungle shows, this since she had seen the tropical jungles, Kahlo does what she wanted with the subject which differs from the realistic image. There are many symbols the painting incorporates which have a deeper meaning that Zarobell does not capture in his revie w. In The New Yorker, Peter Schjeldahl, talks about the exhibition at the New York Botanical Garden Frida Kahlo: ArtShow MoreRelatedArt Interaction : Frida Kahlo s Thorn Necklace And Hummingbird1148 Words   |  5 PagesArt Interaction: Frida Kahlo’s Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird Art is the essence of emotions, expressed through the canvas to fulfill an artist’s ego and reflect their inner self. Frida Kahlo one of the many women who revolutionized art, was a great example of the strength of women, and their expression of daily life through art. Frida lived from 1907-1954; at the age of 18 she had an accident that left her paralyzed, she began to paint more frequently to express herself. Kahlo is considered a surrealistRead MoreThe Makings of Frida Kahlo Essay725 Words   |  3 Pagesperson, her paintings are her biography. This was announces in 1953 by a local critic after her one and only solo exhibition in Mexico ( Frida Kahlo was not only a magnificent painter, but also a representation of her birth country Mexico, through her meaningful paintings. While in the midst of nobody but herself, Frida found great inspiration to paint during the early to mid 1900’s. Her passion for painting came from her traffic accident as a te enager, which left her paralyzedRead MoreAnalysis Of Frida Kahlo2070 Words   |  9 Pagesthousand words† and I believe when it comes to my chosen artist, Frida Kahlo, her portraits could not be a better example of that saying. All of the 200 paintings done by Frida Kahlo say more about her life and what she experienced than any article I have ever read about her. From her health issues and violent bus accident to her tumultuous marriage with her husband, Diego Rivera is all an influence in her paintings. I chose Frida Kahlo because I believe her paintings are not just something that cameRead MoreEssay on Frida Kahlos Definition of Self1687 Words   |  7 Pages Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous female painters to originate from the twentieth century, and for good reason. Her art is filled with beauty and creativity, but Frida’s main source of fame comes from the emotions that these paintings invoke, rather than the actual paintings. This is because Frida put herself into every painting she did, leaving traces of her presence all throughout this world and these traces remain long after her physical departure. Frida was a very peculiar and uniqueRead MoreEssay On Frida Kahlo1030 Words   |  5 PagesFrida Kahlo was a Mexican artist who caused the arrival of improving the feminist movement in art. She was one of the most debated artists of the 20th century. She grabbed everyone’s attention with her life story and the way her painting represented what was going on in her life. She allowed people to see what was going on in her life. She was very open about sharing her life story with other people. It didn’t matter w ho they were, she would allow to come into her life with no questions asked. FridaRead MoreMagdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Essay2077 Words   |  9 PagesOne of the most influential female artists of the 20th Century was one who was burdened more than many others. Frida Kahlo was famous not only for her self portraits, but how she documented her trauma and pain through them. Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo was born July 6th 1907 in Coyocoan, Mexico, although she told many she was born in 1910, which was the year of the Mexican Revolution. Frida was destined in the womb to bear pain, for she was born with a congenital anomaly: Spina Bifida. Spina BifidaRead MoreThe Self Portrait Art Essay1654 Words   |  7 PagesSELF-PORTRAIT ART ESSAY Self-portraits have been used by artists for centuries to explore aspects of the self. They are the subjects they know best and artists have reflected this through their treatment of media, subject matter and techniques. Two artists who explore aspects of their personality and life experiences in their self-portraits are Frida Kahlo and Ben Quilty. Many of their artistic techniques can be derived from the same origins. Whilst there are similarities in self-portraits byRead MoreFrida Kahlo : An Interesting Artist1153 Words   |  5 PagesFrida Kahlo is an interesting artist to learn about. Not only about her deep, complex and surrealist style, but also how it came to be. Unlike other artists who paint from a single point of view; Kahlo is able to show multiple perceptions of what she was feeling or trying to express. How people are not one type of person, but can be multifaceted in their lifetime. Frida shows this in many of her paintings. You can see this especially in The Two Frida s and Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and HummingbirdRead MoreMy Personal Experience Through Art1518 Words   |  7 Pagesfeel the raw emotion through the work of the artist. That is why personal experience is so important, you can identify with the fear they could have felt through a certain experience or event. An artist who I think has fully lived up to this is Frida Kahlo. Kahlo was a surrealist artist who expressed herself through art. She went through tons of emotional suffering with her husband cheating on her with her sister as well as physical suffering in which she spent several months in hospital after a fatalRead More Frida Kahlo: Artist, Feminist, Rebel Essay3022 Words   |  13 Pages Frida Kahlo is a world-renowned Mexican painter known for her shocking self-portaits filled with painful imagery. Her artwork was seen by many as surrealist and socialist, but she refused the labels put on herself. Until today, her works have been able to exude the same playful and wi ld feel as before (Fisher n.p). Her legacy as a painter has attracted prominent people like Madonna who has confessed her admiration for the painter. Not only that but fashion designers are frequently inspired by her

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